Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple is the devil Bobby Boucher, the DEVIL!

I can't be the only one who thinks hand models are creepy 

Here we are with day three of my personal challenge to just write SOMETHING. I will say, it’s been both easier and harder than I thought.

I finally remembered what I was going to write about yesterday. It was supposed to me much more interesting and not completely about computer building plans. (Which is still coming along, by the way) Here goes nothing.

Basically, Apple is the devil.

I really appreciate the fact that iTunes has a lot of what I want. I travel a lot, so I’m rarely home to watch TV. So now that the new seasons of all the shows I watch are about to start back up, I find myself checking the iTunes store daily. I only plan on seeing if a certain show is able to be subscribed to, but I inevitably find my eyes wandering to the “recommended” area of this fiendish program.

Two days ago I spent 35 dollars on music without even thinking about it. It’s gotten to the point that I have to start adding an iTunes allowance into my monthly budget. And, like I said earlier, I appreciate the convenience of iTunes, it really makes impulse purchases extremely easy. In my case two days ago, I purchased two new albums that I didn’t even know were on the horizon. Both are fortunately very good, so I don’t feel like I wasted my money. But damn, it is hard to resist the Genius. “You might like this stuff that we know you will find totally awesome. We know you are just going to buy it, so just go ahead and do it. Resistance in Futile.”

I also own an iPhone. AKA “The Jesus Phone”. I find that I have a lot of utility with my iPhone. It is, however, frustrating to have to constantly update all the apps that I’ve purchased. It would be nice to have the phone do it for me. You know, since I’ve already spent so much on the damn phone, the data plan with AT&T, and purchasing the app itself.

Don’t even get me started on wireless syncing. I know its possible Apple. And I want it!

I avoided iTunes for years. Until my phone, of course. Now I feel like it’s integrated itself into my computer, as well as my life. I’ve considered using alternative products, but that would just feel weird, you know?

So I’ll keep using my iPhone (3GS, I’m not getting an iPhone 4 until I know for certain that the antenna issue is under control) and I’ll keep using iTunes until something exponentially better/easier comes out. Apple will keep getting way too much of my money and I’ll keep my downloaded copy of Star Trek on my iPhone. Because, seriously, that’s just an awesome movie.

I just have to keep telling myself that there is no reason for me to get an iPad right now. I should at least wait until the next generation and I don’t really need it at the moment!

Oh, but the gadget guy inside is sad about that decision… Damn my personal responsibility.

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